11 Platinum Plates Ionized Water Machine


pH Value 2.5 to 11.5
ORP Range +500mv to -850mv
Plates Material Titanium with Platinum Coating
Working Water TDS Range 50-1000 mg/L
Plate Size 79mm*43*mm
Number of Plate 11 PCS
Total Handling Water Capacity 12,000 L
nternal Water Temperature Lower than 45° celsius
Power Supply AC 110-220V, 50-60HZ
Machine Weight 12 kg
Purification Type Ultra Violet (UV), Ultra Filtration (UF), ORP
Cleaning AUTO
Installation Service Yes


  • brand ehm-829, 11 plate alkaline water ionizer imported from korea. 12000 ltr capacity.
  • benefit of ionized alkaline water:-
  • release excess body fat and stored toxins
  • normalize blood sugar insulin
  • normalize blood pressure
  • support healthy colon function
  • resolve urinary tract infections
  • relieve asthma and chronic respiratory
  • helpful for cancer patient in recovery fast.
Mineral YES
Cell Cleaning Method automatic
Controls automatic
Display led display
Ease Of Use yes
Electrical Consumption 1.5w
Electrode Material japan imported titanium with platinum coating electrode
Electrolysis Enhancer continuous electrolysis
Energy Saving yes
Filters 1
Hydrogen Content yes
Protector overcurrent protector
Screen Panel led
Automatic Grade Automatic


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