Epitome: RO + UV + UF + ALKALINE + TDS Controller


Technical Specification

Purification Capacity 10 to 15 LPH**
Membrane Thin Film Composite
Purifying Technology Reverse Osmosis
Filter Cartridges Inline Sediment Filter, Inline Pre-Carbon Filter, Alkaline + Post Carbon Combo Cartridge, RO Membrane, UF Membrane & UV Lamp with Housing
Inlet Water Pressure (Min) 0.048 Mpa
Inlet Water Pressure (Max) 0.137 Mpa
Dimension (L X B X H) 465 mm X 265 mm X 560 mm
Weight 8.5 kgs. Approx
Storoge Capacity 10 Ltr
Recovery Up TO 30%
Power Rating 150-300 V AC, 50HZ, Single Phase & 45 Watts
% Reduction TDS 90% Approx
UV Lamp 4 Watts
2000ppm (max) Maximum Operating TDS Level
250ppm (max) Total Hardness
10-37°C Ecommended Temperature of Input Water
6.5-8.5 Permissible pH of Input Water
0.3mg/l(max) Permissible Iron content of
Input Water


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